What a Co-Founder Needs To Do

Many co-founders used to be a programmer, or a designer. He or she gets used to do their own jobs, like:

When the team needs more programming, he or she will work as a programmer, hope to improve the efficiency of production.

When the team lacks of designers, he or she will spend most of the time on designing.

We know that the best co-founders need to be a a versatile person to hold more responsibility of a team, they can become any charactor when the team needs. However, if you have so many talent and wish to do all the things by yourself, you cannot go further, and your team mates cannot go further.

I think a good state of a team/company should be: Everyone goes forward and further.

Co-founders learn and think more about cooperate, commercial, strategy; Programmers need to learn more about product and expand their minds, try to become a potential CTO; Designers need to think more about design philosophy and try to become a potential design manager.