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I(Ming Zhong, 钟鸣) was born in a scholar family, at a beautiful Jiangnan city named Nanchang. In my childhood lives, I did experiment to get Hydrogen from water and even tried to build anti-gravity machines. On that time, my whole dream is to meet ET and travel across the universe.

I began to program computers when I was 12, as I thought these will help me to build my own starship to see where no one has ever gone before, just like Star Trek. Then when I was 14, l started to compose my own music, as I think music is the best way to release my heart. However, I finally decided to become a physicist just like Albert Einstein to seek the truth of the universe.

Well, you know I am not in that area right now. But thanks to my childhood's education, I have really wide hobbies and wish to combine these science/technology/art area together to make some really cool things.

So now, here I am, currently not only involving in EUMLab, but also compose music, teaches some young boys & girls, even do some researches in New Media/CV area and I really like this kind of life. However, no one can guess what would happen in the future, cus this is just what life likes, isn't it?

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