Music Industry

After 3 years trying to struggling in Music Industry, I've found something that I don't realize 3 years before.

1.Music Industry has much lower ceiling, which means we can not glow up like Paypal or Facebook. You may think of Spotify. However, Spotify can be treated as an Internet company because they are dealing with the "listen music" issue, which has larger potential users than professional musical area.

For us, which is focus on the music learning area, has smaller potential users and properly there's no way to find out a path to growing to unicorn. Focus on the products and profits instead of VC would be a wiser way.

2.At first we thought Content(songs, tabs) will be a good way for our future success. However, we realized that any disruptive innovations are not following other's rules, they build their own rules. It's the only way to build your own monopolistic status.

3.We though the Marginal Cost will leading to 0 for an tools product, as Pro Metronome and insTuner. That's why we're trying to find other way to increase the profit. We've tried many products but all of them cannot compare to the success of Pro Metronome. Many reason cause to this.

However, we've ignored that even the simplest tools has potential to become a platform, aka. find its derived value. There are many more things that Pro Metronome can do, just as WeChat.